While many individuals travel to Europe during the summer months, a person may want to think about visiting during the winter as well. Europe’s train system makes it easy to travel from country to country, and this off-season time of the year is much quieter than June, July, and August when most tourists are traveling. Here are five great places to travel in Europe this winter.

Athens, Greece

Try taking beautiful pictures of the architecture in Athens, Greece when hundreds of tourists are milling around each ancient structure during the summer. It’s definitely difficult to accomplish. A visitor to this historic area won’t have to worry about those crowds of people if they visit during the winter months. This timing will also eliminate intense heat, tourist pricing, queues, and air pollution.

Copenhagen, Denmark

To experience a fairytale-like winter, it’s difficult to find a better place than Copenhagen, Denmark. The city has cozy caf├ęs and bars where a person can comfortably sit and watch the snow flurries that are blowing outside. The highlight of Copenhagen is its 19th-century amusement park known as Tivoli. This special place is a delight to visit during Christmas.

Transylvania, Romania

For travelers who want to visit towns where medieval architecture is prevalent, they will want to visit Transylvania, Romania and the neighboring areas near Sighisoara and Brasov. There is a rail system that helps make it easier to travel between some of the areas. One of the highlights in this area is Castle Poenari, which is the real Castle of Dracula.

Venice, Italy

With its old architecture, canals, great food, and wonderful people, Venice is an excellent place to visit any time of the year. However, a traveler may want to visit this Italian city in February when the Carnival of Venice is taking place. Known for its elaborate masks, the festival lasts for 10 days. A tourist can expect to see various bands and parades as well as other festival activities during the 10 day period.

Jasna, Slovakia

For individuals who want to spend some time skiing while they are in Europe during winter, the slopes at Jasna, Slovakia provide plenty of powder to trek down. The food and accommodations are more affordable than some of the Alpine resorts in neighboring areas. Jasna is probably one of the best resorts in Slovakia with its picturesque spruce trees and view of the Tatras Mountains.