Mark Cohen is an established finance professional with an extensive background in the industry.

AXA Financial Mark Cohen

Mark Cohen attended the University of Hartford, in which he completed his undergraduate degree in 2001.While at Hartford, he studied business and corporate communication, the fields in which he received his bachelors degrees in.

Upon Mark’s completion of undergrad at Hartford, Mr. Cohen started his financial career at AXA Financial. During Mark’s time at AXA, he served within private wealth management for the French, multinational, investment banking firm. Mr. Cohen’s hard work was recognized when he was named to the National Leaders Corps, Centurion Conference and Summit Conference during his time at AXA.

In February of 2011, Mark moved on from AXA when he accepted a position as wealth management with MetLife. While at Metlife, Mark responsibilities consisted of hiring new employees and training training them in core, principal values. During his time with MetLife, Mark was able to develop and led a nationally recognized team of investors. That was at the top of the list of accomplishments Mr. Cohen had while employed at MetLife. Marks other accomplishments while there comprised being named to Americas Council Producer, awarded to the top 1% of nationally ranked advisors and in 2012 and 2013, was ranked in the top 20 nationally.

Aside from work, Mark finds great refuge in traveling with family and friends around the world. Today, Mark continues his work as a finance professional in the greater New York area!